NFT Fund

NFT Fund

Non Fungible Fund

The NFT Fund invests in NFT collectibles, platforms, and protocols.

Through actively participating in the NFT community and multi-platform social media engagement, the Fund Managers strive to learn about exclusive drops before their release.

The fund takes an analytical approach including analysis based on the rarity of traits, focusing on unique content and scarcity in properties as value drivers.

The Fund may use machine learning to formulate pricing and valuation models for NFTs by studying transaction data off the blockchain.

Intended Investment Allocations
70% Collectibles, 30% Platforms & Protocols

NFT 1.0
In Digital Art
& Collectibles

  • Displaying NFTs as digital art
  • Collecting NFTs created by popular artists
  • Trading NFTs as collectibles on the open market

NFT 2.0
In the Metaverse

  • Interacting with NFTs in AR/VR
  • Unlocking exclusive content or access to games using NFTs
  • Using NFTs as avatars or items in the metaverse

NFT 3.0
In DeFi

  • Holding NFTs staked with DeFi-enabled ERC20 tokens to generate yield over time
  • Using NFTs as collateral to take out loans on DeFi protocols
  • Staking NFTs in liquidity pools to create tradeable NFT derivatives

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Featured In


Les Borsai - JPY500


General Partner

NFT Collection

Les has been an avid collector and early investor of NFTs since 2017. He has worked with prominent music artists to release their own  NFTs.


Allowing artists to earn income directly through their NFT creations in an efficient manner

NFTs with multifaceted  uses beyond solely acting as a collectible

Using NFTs to generate value in DeFi(e.g. using a collectible as a hedge against stalked currency)

Benjamin Tsai - JPY500


Partner/Portfolio Manager

NFT Collection

With a traditional finance background, Ben has tokenized Kentucky whiskey and is interested in the connection between NFTs and physical items


Tokenization of collectibles and physical items such as whiskey, wine and art.

Usage of NFTs in the metaverse either as avatars or accessories to the avatars

Re-energizing old IPs  into NFT world from a collectibles basis(Pac-Man, etc.)

David Seimer - JPY500




Dave founded jpy500maker Partners, a $470M global venture fund with a 350 portfolio company, and Siemer & Associates, a tech-focused investment bank(acquired)


Analyzing NFT protocols and platforms from a venture capital perspective by evaluating the value they bring to the market.

Assessing the influence of branding on the value of NFTs

The impact of sports in the NFTs market (i.e. collectibles, highlights, team memorabilia)

John Caldwell - JPY500



NFT Collection

John is a tastemaker and a contributor in the tight-knit NFT community. He trades, creates and manages communities in almost every major NFT project


The intersection of traditional and digital art markets

Historical provenance and relevance of non -fungible assets that exist on-chain.

Generative art ,NFT Photography, gated content and communities that utilize NFTs 

NFT Fund



NFT Collection

Aric is voracious researcher of NFTs. He participated in an NFT Hackathon hosted by ETHGlobal in March 2021, winning a first place prize.


NFTs that provide a holistic experience by interacting with owners through VR/AR

Studying how NFTs derive value from pop culture, modern art, and memes

The impact of NFTs in the fashion industry from creative and business standpoint